Gas and electricity, the tricks to lighten the bill

Thanks to the liberalization of the market, today it is possible to compare prices and offers of the various operators supplying gas and electricity. And since the annual expense is not indifferent but it has a significant impact on our portfolio, it is worth spending a few minutes to evaluate the best supplier in terms of quality / price.

The companies authorized to carry out sales activities can be found on the site of the Authority for Electricity and Gas. Names like A2A Energia, Edison, E.ON Energia, Enel, Eni, Vivigas, Iride Mercato, Sorgenia offer competitive rates that can save you over € 200 a year.

The best price comparison tool is the " Find offers " promoted by the Authority for Electricity and Gas, an independent body that guarantees the promotion of competition and the efficiency of the sector.

The service is very simple to use; enter the average annual consumption, (you find it written in your bills or you can calculate it on the site) and the CAP. You will get the suppliers listed according to the requested rate.

The 10 tips to save gas at home


    • The temperature at home should not exceed 20 degrees . Excessive heat is harmful to health. With an extra degree it is likely to increase consumption by 7 to 10%.
    • Install a chrono-thermostat in a central point of the house away from drafts or heat sources. Set the temperature and ignition timing by adjusting it according to our needs.
    • It is advisable to install the thermostatic valves on the radiators to regulate consumption and increase the temperature only in rooms whose needs are higher.
    • Cabinets, radiator covers and curtains can represent a barrier to the free circulation of hot air in the vicinity of radiators.
    • The air exchange is important but it takes less than 10 minutes . Do it during the hottest hours of the day.
    • The maintenance of the systems and the boiler is very important. If sludge or limescale is present in the radiators, this could result in up to 20% waste of fuel.
    • The air must be purged from the radiators each year before turning on the heater via the vent valve.
      This allows a correct operation of the heater. If, during the winter, it is not completely heated, it may indeed be an air problem inside it.
    • Check your fixtures and windows . Double-walled glass prevents leakage.
    • Place behind the radiators on the outer walls of the insulating panels . They are available on the market for just a few euros and do not let the heat dissipate, avoiding unnecessary heating of the wall.
  • For those with independent heating, it is better to prefer a condensing boiler with a modulating burner that guarantees maximum efficiency in all operating conditions.

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