Buy appliances at half price, some ideas

Home appliances can be one of the heaviest items of expenditure on the family budget. Here then, taking advantage of competitive prices offered by the Web becomes almost a must. It is true, however, that in the world of online stores you lose a lot of time to understand which eCommerce rely: identify which stores are safe and reliable and which are not, know what are the key features to take into account in the purchase, to be able to choose a product that has an effective quality-price ratio.

Here are some suggestions.

Online offers: how to extricate yourself in the jungle?

If you are looking for a simple automatic grater or if you want to make a more demanding purchase, such as a washing machine, the procedure is always the same: there are hundreds of websites with online shops and you need to know how to move to avoid falling into unpleasant traps or telematic scams (we said some time ago about the scam of the Thermomix, here is our article: Bimby online: a telematic package ).

Buying online is a bit like wandering through the shelves of a store: you browse through the various categories, you can see all the products that interest you, make a short comparison and choose the one you like best. For this reason it is useful to also rely on search and review tools that help the buyer to move in the sea of ​​online offers.

Appliances at half price

Among the many services available online we can mention some of the most popular examples:, for example, allows you to check the discounts applied on appliances: the offers are in fact certified by the editorial staff who verifies the variance of the price compared to the official price list. In addition, the site offers an innovative service for people wishing to save money in the purchase of branded appliances: the «Golden List» which allows consumers to receive a newsletter with a list of home appliances and household products discounted up to half price.

AltroConsumo is another portal that among the many services that it offers makes it possible to compare the various brands and the various features of the appliances that you intend to purchase and also offers a review system through which you can realize the merits and defects of the element also in the medium term.

Save money with online purchases: endless possibilities

Then there are a multitude of good sites on which to find home appliances at attractive prices. From eBay "the online market in the world", where you can buy and sell everything, at Amazon, the most important sales platform on the planet, through ad sites such as or Kijiji, or even the coupon sites and online discounts, if, in short, you are going to save money and you are willing to buy online, you just need to know how to search. If you have doubts about the possibility of making the return , take a look at our in-depth  analysis Online Sales: guarantees and returns .

And if instead you are tied to the "physical" purchase, because, for example, you do not trust delivery times and you still want a relationship with your dealer, then it is still a good idea to get to the store prepared knowing how much you should ask for that 'article.

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